ProSoma® Core

Fast, automated Monte Carlo dose calc and plan check

- the perfect solution for busy vsim and planning departments

If your plan and MU check workload is high, or your expensive planning workstations are overloaded, and you value the highest level of dose accuracy – ProSoma CORE will provide a practical, and very cost effective option for your clinical department.

Available as an upgrade to ProSoma vsim, or as a stand alone independent system to complement existing planning and dose check systems. Either way, ProSoma CORE will bring streamlined workflows that will save money in having to purchase additional expensive planning workstations or other plan check software.

Single step palliative planning or breast planning on your vsim

ProSoma CORE can dramatically reduce overall time taken as clinicians can simulate and instantly approve and sign off plans / calcs resulting in an efficient, single step process from simulation - calc – approval – sign off.

With CORE running on your ProSoma workstations, you can simulate, calc and sign off palliative or simple static breast plans etc, in one fast simple step. With clinicians still in the vsim driving seat, just one or two minutes max after placing beams, a dose plan and MUs will be ready on screen for rapid approval and sign off.

All static techniques such as the majority of breast techniques, conformal pelvis, mantles, parallel opposed with MLC shielding etc, can also be simulated, planned and approved in one sitting.

Secondary plan and MU check for all complex techniques

Manual Mode

Complex plans such IMRT, VMAT, stereotactic, can be calculated on 3D anatomy by the Monte Carlo dose engine providing the highest level accuracy secondary plan and MU check. Interactively check plan results in 3D patient anatomy. As a Monte Carlo model it provides definitive answers to non measurable difficult areas such as head and neck and chest regions that are superior to older TPS algorithms such as collapsed cone.

Beam models are provided, measured beam data for commissioning is minimal and beam data measuring assistance is available from OSL if required. Typical time to acquire beam data is 2 days.

Verification of daily dose delivery

Fluenz Collage

Not only is CORE a plan check system, it also calculates the actual dose delivered by the treatment machine on any day, showing the effect of the delivery on the patient’s treatment. CORE provides extensive analyses and a verification report of dose differences and errors.

All calculations are performed and reviewed in 3D, and notifications of results can be sent via e-mail for efficient task management.


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