The powerhouse of virtual simulation

ProSoma virtual simulation software is firmly established as the number one v-sim software package in the UK & Ireland.

ProSoma is operational with all makes of wide bore CT scanner, plus all makes of TPS, R&V, EPID and PACS.

The software is currently installed in more than 35 clinical departments across the country with most centres using multiple clinical workstations.


The extensive functionality ProSoma brings, has resulted in multiple systems being disseminated across departments so that users can work flexibly performing any clinical task at any time from any location, even remote access and secure data transfer from hospital to hospital anywhere in the world.

Running on Microsoft Windows® and standard off-the-shelf PC hardware further enhances ProSoma’s flexibility. Many departments run ProSoma on portable notebook and even on small tablet PCs within linac treatment rooms - removing the need for paper or film in the treatment room. ProSoma is much more than virtual simulation!

ProSoma support plan

Already a ProSoma support plan client? Log in to the OSL Support Zone to access the latest service bulletins.


ProSoma Core


Monte Carlo plan and MU check & MC calc for simple plans


ProSoma users learn about new Core® module for dose and MU calc, SPECT & 4D planning, scripting, remote working across many locations and 3D bolus modelling and more…

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