CIVCO Release New Products

Posted on Mar 09, 2011

Civco, an established world leader in high-tech medical accessories for image-guided procedures, has released a selection of new products that are now available in the UK. Zentec Thermoplastic for use with the Uni-frame System, T-shaped Vac-Lok Cushions, and Prodigy Fixation Side Pieces.

Zentec Thermoplastics are now available for use with the Uni-frame System. The soft drape effect of Zentec Thermoplastics provides a highly contoured mask. Zentec masks require less heating and setup time providing increased efficiency.

Part Number: MTAPUI182 - Zentec IMRT Reinforced Style 18

The new T-Shaped Vac-Lok Cushion provides positioning with the patients arms up when used with a Wing Board while also cradling the patients torso. The overall dimensions of the cushions are 108 x 125cm and it is constructed of nylon and is indexable.

Part Number: MTVL0017

Prodigy 2 Fixation Side Pieces are now available to make non 2-pin ready products or products which use the old SINMED style indexing with metal strips compatible with Prodigy 2 indexing on the Universal Couchtop.

Part Number: 109038

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