OSL Introduces ImSimQA™ v3.1

Posted on Jan 21, 2015

OSL is pleased to release the newest version of ImSimQA which offers new functionality and more compatibility with mainstream DIR platforms that export in DICOM.

New features include:

ImSimQA Primary License additions

  • Keyboard shortcuts for common operations.
  • Add new VOIs.
  • Feet First orientation data full compatibility.
  • Sheared and multiple sequence MR data handled.
  • Add CBCT noise to DICOM datasets.
  • Filter CBCT DICOM datasets to reduce noise.
  • Export DICOM images and structure sets following translation and rotation.
  • Enhanced performance efficiency

Dform Module Additions

  • Import Deformation Vector Fields (DVFs) in DICOM format; increases the number of clinical DIR systems that can be analysed using ImSimQA.
  • Add and subtract DVFs (in both DICOM and .dff format).
  • Display DVF error comparison histograms.

Contour Analysis Module

  • DICE, Sensitivity Index and Inclusiveness Index metrics added.

Virtual Phantom Additions

  • 10 Head & Neck Phantoms with Pre/Post DIR images and VOI’s + DVF’s.
Developed by Jason Pukala (UFHealth Cancer Center Orlando Health)

Pukala J, Meeks SL, Staton RJ, et al. A virtual phantom library for the quantification of deformable image registration uncertainties in patients with cancers of the head and neck. Med. Phys. 2013;40:111703. Doi:10.1118/1.4823467

ImSimQA is a virtual phantom software developed for quality assurance of deformable image registration, auto-contouring and much more. ImSimQA is manufactured by Oncology Systems Limited and distributed worldwide.

For further information or to discuss upgrade options contact OSL.

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