OSL adds Anatom-e System to product range

Posted on Aug 07, 2014

New to Oncology Systems Limited is the Anatom-e System. Created to be the pen to the Doctors’ sword, Anatom-e can provide for a level of patient care heretofore unavailable anywhere in the world.

The Anatom-e Viewer has grown to become the world’s largest anatomical template of the human body, encompassing every part of the body except for the limbs. Within this large collection of anatomical information, Anatom-e has embedded treatment recommendations, neurological signs, radiation dose limitations, and other information pertinent to anatomical location which cannot be readily found in any one resource.

By keeping a strong focus in the medical research necessary to fill the anatomical template with every piece of information possible, Anatom-e has managed to link anatomical locations with previously inaccessible information both visually and textually. Anatom-e can highlight secondary pathways of tumour spread, the margins of a clinical target volume, or elective areas for radiation treatment. The Anatom-e medical research staff reviews any and all available medical publications and example patient information with the intent to incorporate it into the Anatom-e information system keeping the software on the leading edge of clinical treatment recommendations.

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