Combifix™ Improves Set-up Accuracy in Prostate Patients

Posted on Mar 27, 2014

A recent clinical audit by Radiographer Renita Pawaroo and Pre Treatment Advanced Practitioner Helen Corbishley, both from The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, shows an improvement in set-up accuracy of IMRT prostate patients when using Combifix™ for immobilisation.

Amanda Hesp, OSL’s Clinical Specialist, says “OSL was excited to learn that Renita and Helen have recently undertaken and completed a clinical audit using OSLs’ Combifix System. We were thrilled to learn that the outcome of their work had produced very positive results. As a consequence of this clinical audit, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust will now be using the Combifix System as Standard Practice for the immobilisation of all their pelvic patients”.

Renita added, “The Combifix has improved the set up accuracy of our pelvic patients and also our service. We have found it very beneficial to the department”.

Renita and Helen also won - “The Peoples Vote for Best Poster”. Their work was titled “Improving Immobilisation within a Medium Sized Radiotherapy Department”. This award was presented to them at the recent College of Radiographers’ Annual Radiotherapy Conference in Bristol.

The Combifix, supplied within the UK and Ireland by Oncology Systems Limited (OSL), combines the Kneefix2 and Feetfix2 on an adjustable baseplate for efficient pelvic set-up.

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