Rapid radiotherapy running at Guy's & St Thomas'

Posted on Mar 04, 2011

The first NHS TomoTherapy treatment machine in London is up and running less than two months after being installed, treating over 30 people a day at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust. The machine is installed in a pre-existing 4MV Cobalt treatment room, the smallest room yet in the UK to house the state of the art IG-IMRT technology.

George Mikhaeel, Head of Clinical Oncology at the trust said: "The TomoTherapy machine intergrated with our existing technology and our team mastered its operation quickly, so within weeks we were treating many patients on it each day. TomoTherapy uses daily CT images to guide treatment based on patient anatomy for that day, rather than for last week or last month, meaning we know exactly where we are treating and can minimise the risk of harm to healthy tissue."

Julie Mead, Clinical Director at Oncology Systems Limited (OSL), which distributes TomoTherapy in the UK, said: "Gone are the days when new radiotherapy machines take months to install and commission. The hospital was treating patients on this state of the art technology in record time as it is completely integrated and does not need the add-ons required by other machines. Its relatively small size meant that an existing room, previously considered too small for leading edge technology could be adapted and provide the perfect home for the TomoTherapy machine."

The ring gantry-based TomoTherapy platform combines intergrated CT imaging with conformal radiation therapy to deliver sophisticated radiation treatments with speed and precision while reducing radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

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