OSL signs sales agent for Pakistan

Posted on Apr 10, 2012

Oncology Systems Limited has signed up PAN-GLOBE Pharmaceuticals to act as its sales agent for two of its own products, ImSimQA and OnQ rts, across Pakistan. The Karachi-based organisation has extensive experience in radiotherapy, supplying high-end solutions across the country.

Syed Zilley Hasnain, PAN-GLOBE Pharmaceutical’s chief executive said: “The number of cancer cases in Pakistan is predicted to rise in the next 20 years, as it is in most developing nations. Pakistan is investing in state of the art radiotherapy solutions to meet the demand for patient treatments and improve outcomes. We are only interested in supplying the best and it’s great to be able to offer new, innovative, ground-breaking products such as these.”

Pakistan joins other countries around the globe who will be distributing OSL’s own product lines.

Dean Willems, OSL clinical sales specialist said: “Interest in the two products continues to gather momentum and it’s great to see that’s occurring within and beyond Europe. Different countries require different solutions and as a small, dedicated team of developers and sales specialists, we are able to offer the flexibility to find the right sales model for each market.”

Launched in 2011, OnQ rts is an automated workflow software system for advanced multi-modality image fusion and auto contouring. The latest version of ImSimQA, released at the end of last year, has more extensive QA tools for testing techniques such as deformable image registration and atlas-based auto contouring.

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