TA takes OSL’s Italian job

Posted on Apr 04, 2012

OSL’s ImSimQA and OnQ rts imaging and planning software packages will soon be making their way into radiotherapy departments across Italy, after the company signed a distribution deal with Tecnologie Avanzate (TA).

The Turin based organisation, which also has offices in Rome, was formed in 1971 and is one of Italy’s leading radiotherapy solutions distributors.

Dean Willems, OSL product specialist said: “We are continuing to identify the right distributors for our products across Europe and are very pleased that the team at TA is now on board. They have an enviable track record and have amassed a huge amount of knowledge over the years.”

Guido Catolla Cavalcanti, TA CEO said: “We started taking a look at the two products last year and could quickly see that they had some unique features that set them apart from their nearest competitors. It became clear to our team at TA, who work very closely with radiotherapy departments across the country, that there would clearly be demand for them in Italian hospitals.”

Launched in 2011, OnQ rts is an automated workflow software system for advanced multi-modality image fusion and auto contouring. The latest version of ImSimQA, released at the end of last year, has more extensive QA tools for testing techniques such as deformable image registration and atlas-based auto contouring.

For more information visit www.osl.uk.com/imaging and www.tecnologieavanzate.com

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