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Posted on Feb 10, 2012

Oncology Systems Limited has signed up a new distributor for the Spanish market for its ImSimQA and OnQ rts imaging and planning software products. Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A, based in Madrid, is the latest distributor to come on board as OSL continues to enhance its global presence.

Dean Willems, OSL product specialist said: “The company carries many high end product lines and OnQ and ImSim are a great fit for its portfolio. With ESTRO 31 fast approaching, we’re looking forward to teaming up with all our new distributors and showcasing the two software products to potential customers from across the globe. But, since it will be taking place in Barcelona, we are looking forward to Aplicaciones Tecnológicas keeping us very busy.”

Jose Rodriguez, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas sales manager, radiotherapy division said: “We’ve been taking a look at the two products and can really see the potential for them in the Spanish market. With the team from OSL taking space at ESTRO in Barcelona will be a fantastic opportunity for our customers to take an in depth look at the products alongside the developers, right on their doorstep!”

Developed due to the limitations of hard phantoms for testing modern medical imaging and radiation therapy software systems, ImSimQA includes the modules: ImSimQA4d, ImSimQAdform and ImSimQAcontour. Launched in 2011, OnQ rts is an automated workflow software system with integrated analysis and unique functions that streamline complex processes.

OSL will be exhibiting on stand 390 at ESTRO. Visit www.osl.uk.com and www.atfisica.com for more information.

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