OSL offers advanced Cortex markers

Posted on Jan 16, 2012

Oncology Systems Limited has expanded the range of fiducial markers available to radiotherapy departments in the UK and Ireland after striking a distribution deal with US-based Cortex.

Stuart Baldwin, OSL’s sales director said: “Cortex pioneered implanted fiducial localisation and offers a revolutionary range of advanced markers which complements our other product lines.”

The gold FlexiMarc, in a shape that inhibits migration, was the first node-based marker, designed to produce an image that is easily recognisable to the human eye as well as IGRT software. With the same imaging advantages, but with the nodes placed in a gold coil providing clearly definable end points, FlexiMarc GT has a radiolucent titanium connector.

FusionCoil is the first of its kind, a linear marker designed to image as well in MR as it does in CT. It also appears readily in all current IGRT solutions. The 20mm long open gold coil has a special biocompatible alloy at its centre, which ensures a relatively clear black dot appears on an MRI making image fusion more robust and reliable.

The new SureLock has a unique non-migrating shape and produces an easily definable single point. Its spherical centre produces a round projection that is accurately defined every time.

PolyMark is the first polymer-based marker and has a spiral-cut surface to inhibit migration, ideal for kV based IGRT, visible in MR and with virtually no CT artifact. PointCoil is a 5mm gold coil with a single central node, optimal in situations requiring a single point.

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