Medsuro to distribute OSL’s ImSimQA

Posted on Jan 16, 2012

Oncology Systems Limited has signed up MedSuro Medical Equipment to distribute its ImSimQA software in the Netherlands. The organisation, based near Tilburg, was founded in 2010 and supplies equipment to the country’s radiotherapy departments.

Dean Willems, OSL product specialist said: “It’s great to welcome on board Medsuro. Its vast experience working in radiotherapy departments and the commercial sector make it the perfect partner for OSL in the Netherlands.”

ImSimQA’s most advanced functionality to date was launched in December 2011, with more extensive QA tools for testing techniques such as deformable image registration and atlas-based auto contouring that are now essential for IMRT, ART, IGRT and SBRT.

Björn Schrauwen, Medsuro’s managing director said: “We already have a lot of interest in ImSimQA from departments across the Netherlands. It’s a fantastic piece of software that really does close the loop of testing.”

ImSimQA is in use at Northampton General Hospital (NGH). Nicky Whilde, deputy head of radiotherapy physics at NGH said: “ImSimQA is such an exceptionally valuable tool. We could not have implemented image fusion at NGH without it. We have also been able to use it for other departmental development. For example, the advancement of breast planning, by showing the effect on a treatment plan of putting patients on lower wedge angles on breast boards. Additional uses have been in training staff in the image fusion packages; and setting new scanning protocols in the diagnostic department to improve the chances of a successful fusion of images.”

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