Daily QA Phantom for PBS: Save 20 minutes of QA time each day!

The Sphinx is your comprehensive solution for Daily QA. The device, to be used in combination with the Lynx, it is composed by 4 customizable blocks with defined WET compostable in order to cover the full range from 4cm to 32 cm. It has embed fiducials for alignment of the devise against reference image, a fiducial at the isocenter available in two sizes and a specific insert for a parallel plate chamber.

Combined with the myQA software, it provides a quick and easy solution to check the most important characteristics of your imaging system (X-ray and beam coincidence, Laser, couch translation, etc) as well as your PBS Beam properties (energy, spot sigma, spot position, profile homogeneity, output, position, etc).

Key Benefits

  • Fastest, most accurate, most reliable PBS Machine QA
  • Uncompromised QA accuracy for safer PBS treatment
  • Gain 20 mins of QA time: Treat one more patient each day!



  • Single entry into the treatment room for all measurements
  • Intuitive and integrated myQA software

Most Accurate

  • Visual Pass-Fail analysis
  • Detect deviation early and ensure maximum machine up time
  • myQA guides you through the QA in a straightforward and efficient manner

Most Reliable

  • Your Sphinx is ready for TG-224
  • Unique workflow integrates all your QA needs
  • Your easy solution to verify the most important beam and imaging parameters

AAPM 2015 Presentation; Daily QA for Proton Therapy PBS - Sphinx Phantom

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