The Lynx PT is a scintillator based sensor with a high resolution to be used for machine QA and calibration activities in Pencil Beam Scanning for Particle Therapy.

Lynx PT consists of a scintillator screen with an active surface of 30x30cm2 and an effective resolution better than 0.5 mm. The product includes a software control panel allowing measurements in single shot and movie mode with a direct export in DICOM-RT format directly readable inside OmniPro -I'mRT software.

Key Benefits

  • Optimised for pencil beam scanning
  • Active surface of 30x30cm2 and effective resolution of 0.5 mm
  • Compatible with OmniPro - I'mRT and DICOM RT export supported
  • High resolution scintillator-based sensor
  • Single shot and movie mode measurements

Daily Time Saving for Machine Parameter Verification

Go Filmless: Replace time consuming and cumbersome film QA without sacrificing resolution during commissioning and weekly checks of spot delivery.

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