Lower Extremity Positioning System (LEPS™)

The MacroMedics® Lower Extremity Positioning System (LEPS™) is a modular solution designed to provide higher accuracy and comfort in positioning and immobilizing the pelvic region and the lower extremities.

The system consists of a light weight baseplate with coated KneeSupport™, foam LiftBlock™ and a FeetSupport™ which is available in one fixed position or adjustable in various angles. The system can be upgraded with an optional shoulder retractor.

The LEPS positioning system for lower abdomen and extremities is designed with respect to accuracy, reproducibility and flexibility in patient set-up.

LEPS rotatable with LiftBlock MEDIUM
LEPS Rotatable with LiftBlock

LEPS Fixed with LiftBlock MEDIUM
LEPS Fixed with LiftBlock

The LEPS features:

  • Stable and user friendly system with flexible options
  • Comfortable KneeSupport to be combined with stackable LiftBlocks
  • KneeSupport longitudinally adjustable in 4 steps
  • FeetSupport can be adjusted in 11 indexed longitudinal- and 4 indexed angle positions
  • The LEPS can be upgraded with an optional shoulder retractor
  • An optional storage system for the LEPS is available
  • The LEPS is indexable and compatible with all couchtop types for radiotherapy and X-ray settings
  • The LEPS contains no metal parts and is fully MR safe

Product Code Description
130300 LEPS, Lower Extremity Positioning System complete, 3P
Inc tilting FeetSupport rotatable, KneeSupport, KneeSupport LiftBlock
130310 LEPS, Lower Extremity Positioning System complete, 3P
Inc fixed FeetSupport, KneeSupport, KneeSupport LiftBlock
130350 Shoulder retractor for use with LEPS

Product Information

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