Independent validation of image registration and fusion software

Independent, TG 132 ready

Today ImSimQA is the only dedicated and independent system for testing, validating and commissioning modern image fusion and registration software as used for radiotherapy anatomical segmentation, multi modality or adaptive treatment planning, IGRT and tumour response assessment.

As used by Task Group 132 committee

We have been working with members of the TG 132 committee for a number of years, exchanging thinking and techniques, and ImSimQA has been used by them and cited on many occasions at scientific meetings. The image datasets provided by the Task Group have been generated by ImSimQA.

Video: ImSimQA TG-132 tools to commission DIR

Only a starting point for clinical testing

Clinic specific testing is a must. This is emphasised in TG 132. The Task Group datasets are only a starting point for quality assurance and ongoing testing. As we all know, patient anatomy and positioning changes, image quality and imaging devices vary. This is why ImSimQA is the system of choice for extensive and flexible testing and quantitative assessment of deformable and rigid image registration.

Quantitative analysis

ImSimQA contains all the quantitative analysis tools recommended by TG 132 and provides an extensive, fully customisable library of digital, or virtual phantoms both geometric and anthropomorphic. Any patient or phantom image can be imported as DICOM and then edited to re-create the precise clinical scenario.


ImSimQA modules

ImSimQA has four modules available, of which the base module is mandatory with other modules being optional, dependent on the clinical requirement.

ImSimQA - base module

Base software to which optional modules can be added.

More information on ImSimQA base module

ImSimQAdform - deform module

Create 4D image series of phantoms quickly and effortlessly.

More information on ImSimQAdform

ImSimQA4d - 4D module

Apply known deformations to any DICOM-3 image modality. Analysis tools for deformable image fusion. Deformation maps.

More information on ImSimQA4d

ImSimQAcontour - contour module

Compare and run automated analyses on contours for system validation and user training.

More information on ImSimQAcontour

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