The new MacroMedics® EagleBoardTM offers quick and easy patient set-up for treatment of breast, lung and thorax. A variety of indexed supports and grips for head and arms ensure comfortable as well as reproducible patient positioning for lung and thorax treatments. The tapered design for maximum CT bore clearance and the use of MR safe materials make the EagleBoard an ideal choice for all imaging modalities. The New EagleBoard is a compact and cost-effective solution for quick and comfortable patient positioning.

The EagleBoard features:

  • Tapered design for maximum CT bore clearance
  • Easy adjustable positioning of the T- or U-Grip
  • Grips can be fixed in two directions for a wide range of positions
  • Full support of the upper arms reduces the need for additional devices such as vacuum cushions
  • Adjustable and indexed position of MaxSupport 1 head support
  • Compatible with the full range of MaxSupport head supports and blocks
  • Short design allows a combination with additional thorax/abdominal immobilization products such as respiratory suppression devices (EAMIS Lite)
  • Indexable on all common couchtops for radiotherapy treatment and imaging
  • Fully MR safe
  • Comfortable and quick patient positioning

EagleBoard pictured with T-Grip

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