Dosimetry Check™

The world’s first commercially available patient transit dose system

Dosimetry Check™ soſtware works with any Amorphous-Silicon imaging system to provide pre -treatment and in-vivo transit dose QA.

Treatment techniques include VMAT, RapidArc, conventional IMRT and stereotactic deliveries

Dosimetry Check IGQA eliminates the need for a phantom by allowing physicists, therapists and doctors to see the dose distribution on the patient’s CT plan rather than through planar images. Some of the benefits and advantages of the Dosimetry Check IGQA technology over other phantom based systems include:

  • 3D Absolute Dose calculation
  • Works with any RTP System
  • Supports VMAT and Rapid Arc™
  • Works with Elekta iView™ portal imager, and Siemens Optivue™
  • Works with Varian’s PortalVision™ using both R and E arms
  • Measured Dose Verification using Patient CT image data
  • Structured Analysis: 3D Dose Volume (DVH) and Gamma Volume Histograms
  • Actual 3D Absolute Dose (measured analysis) vs. 3D predicted dose from any plan
  • Works with any linear ion chamber or diode 2D array to achieve full 3D analysis


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