Oncology Systems Ltd - booth #7900 ESTRO 37

Posted on Apr 18, 2018

Oncology Systems Limited (OSL) look forward to welcoming you to booth 7900. Join us for software demos and booth presentations. Discover how ImSimQA software can be used to generate novel 3D printed test objects and 'Meet the Developers' of ImSimQA.

Booth Presentation

"Practical experience of ImSimQA at a busy private practice” by Dr Rick Sims, Chief Physicist, Auckland Radiation Oncology

When: 12:00 Sunday 22nd & 13:30 Monday 23rd
Where: booth 7900

Meet the Developers of ImSimQA

Bring your ideas for new ImSimQA features and feedback on the software direct to members of our development team who have been working with ImSimQA since its inception 10 years ago.


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