Radiotherapy and Oncology

Oncology Systems (OSL) specialises in radiotherapy and oncology technology for the treatment of cancer. OSL manufactures and distributes an extensive range of medical devices from state of the art medical imaging software, thermoplastic masks, patient positioning systems, to medical physics QA and software solutions for IMRT, IGRT, stereotactic and adaptive RT.

OnQ rts, OSL's groundbreaking anatomy contouring, advanced fusion and analysis software

ImSimQA, OSL’s unique software for deformable image registration, auto-contouring and beyond

Dosimetry Check, world’s first commercially available patient transit dose system

ProSoma, leading virtual simulation software


Patient positioning

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Patient positioning and immobilisation products for optimal patient access during radiation therapy treatment and diagnostics procedures while enhancing patient comfort.

Dosimetry / QA


Easy-to-use and accurate radiotherapy treatment quality assurance products. ImSimQA is used for testing coverage of any radiation therapy or oncology imaging systems and Dosimetry Check, the world’s first commercially available patient transit dose system.

Imaging & planning


Advanced, state of the art radiation oncology imaging systems and radiotherapy planning tools. Oncology Systems Limited's imaging and planning systems include: ProSoma, ImSimQA, OnQ rts, and RT PACS.



OSL is pleased to offer a range of products for Urology including BiopSee and Watson Elementary.

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