TG-142 Machine QA Phantoms

mobius phantom MC2


The MC2 phantom is the first phantom that can be used for both MV and kV planar imaging tests. The phantom requires only one set up to test both imagers, which means fewer trips into the vault, resulting in faster, easier QA.

mobius phantom RLf


Featuring field size markers for both 10 x 10 and 15 x 15 fields, the RLf Phantom is ideally suited for DoseLab’s analysis routines for flatness & symmetry and radiation field/light field coincidence.

wl3 phantom


Made from Plastic Water and easy to align, the WL3 phantom is designed for DoseLab's Winston-Lutz analysis. The WL3 phantom contains a hidden 5mm ceramic sphere at the centre, which is easily revealed during MV and kV imaging.Off-set alignment markers are also incorporated, making the WL3 phantom ideal for checking IGRT coincidence accuracy.


Visit the Mobius website for details of available webinars or contact OSL to arrange an on site demo.

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