Breastboard LX

The MacroMedics® BreastBoard LX™ is a high-end breastboard, designed to meet the latest requirements in breast treatment and manufactured with use of state of the art 3D carbon fibre production techniques. The ergonomic design is a result of close cooperation with and competent input from the clinical staff with maximum focus on treatment set-up, dose delivery, efficiency and patient comfort.

The BreastBoard LX provides a coreless single layer carbon fibre treatment zone without grid to obtain low attenuation, maximal homogeneity, rigidity and stability. The BreastBoard LX is a modern, very light and ergonomic breast treatment device securing reproducible day to day patient set-up.

Breastboard LX

A ruler runs along the side of the LX

The Breastboard LX features:

  • Rigid, homogeneous and low-attenuation IGRT treatment zone
  • Stable and easy to operate arm supports providing 85º - 150º angles to the midplane and indexed widthadjustment for the upper arm + fully adjustable supports for the lower arm
  • No inserts or obstructing arm supports in the treatment area
  • Rigid and easy to handle elevation brackets providing breast board angles from 5º - 20º in 2.5º steps, the brackets fold in the bottom plate for easy handling
  • Ergonomic and stable lower body support with precision movement, adjustable in length in 10 mm steps
  • Compatible with MacroCast™ head, neck and breast support thermoplastics
  • Comes with a comfortable wide head support, the position of the head support can be adjusted
  • The BreastBoard LX is indexable and compatible with all actual couchtops for radiotherapy and X-ray settings

Product Information

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