One Minute IMRT QA

MobiusFX is the one minute solution for complete IMRT QA. MobiusFX uses linac treatment logs (Varian DynaLogs, Varian Trajectory Logs, Elekta Mobius Logs) to calculate and verify the delivered 3D dose in the patient. No ion-chamber, diode-array, EPID, film, or external measurements of any kind are necessary. This means incredible time savings with an amazingly efficient workflow.
MobiusFX is an add-on software module to Mobius3D. It uses the same accurate dose calculation engine and interactive interface.

MobiusFX Benefits

  • Saves 30 minutes per patient or more for IMRT QA
  • No hardware needed for measurements
  • Verifies DVH objectives are met by delivery
  • Verifies gamma comparison results
  • Analyzes MLC performance for every leaf
  • Segregates error sources as calculation- or delivery-based
  • Creates PDF reports for every patient’s plan
  • Handles complex plans including VMAT
  • Meets billing code 77301 requirements


IMRT QA performed by MobiusFX


Workflow comparisons between IMRT QA methods


MobiusFX is an add-on module to the Mobius3D treatment plan QA software. It performs all calculations and stores all results on the Mobius3D server. Your full set of analysis tools is accessible via browser from any computer or tablet on your hospital’s network (or VPN) with no set-up required. MobiusFX is compatible with all modern treatment planning systems and supports analysis of delivery log data from Varian and Elekta linacs.

Treatment Machines/Linacs
  • Varian Clinac / Trilogy / TrueBeam and similar
  • Elekta Synergy / Synergy S and similar
Treatment Planning Systems
  • Pinnacle
  • Eclipse
  • iPlan
  • RayStation
  • XiO
  • Monaco
  • TomoTherapy
  • …and any other TPS capable of DICOM-RT export
Treatment Modes
  • Photons
  • All Energies
  • IMRT
  • Arcs and VMAT
  • Flattening Filter Free (F
Multi-Leaf Collimators
  • Millenium Series
  • HD120
  • BrainLab m3
  • Agility
  • Beam Modulator
  • MLCi2
  • Siemens 160 MLC
  • Optifocus
  • …and more
  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 6+*
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari 3+
  • Android 2+
  • Apple iOS 4+
  • *IE 6,7,8 require the use of Google Chrome Frame plug-in


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