Workflow for Mobius3D is much more efficient than basic MU software. Simply push the DICOM-RT files from your treatment planning system to Mobius3D. Mobius3D’s calculations begin immediately. In minutes, you will be notified that a full analysis of the treatment plan is ready to review. A highly automated verification process with simple pass/warn/alert indications and access from anywhere means that you will save time.

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Workflow Benefits

  • FAST & EASY SETUP: Mobius3D will be professionally installed on a compatible server, allowing you to begin verifying treatment plans as soon as it is connected to your network.
  • AUTOMATIC PROCESSING: When you finish planning, the data is pushed to Mobius3D via DICOM-RT. Calculations begin instantly and are completed in minutes. Mobius3D then emails you a PDF report with an interactive review of the results.
  • INTUITIVE BROWSER INTERFACE: You don’t need to install software to use Mobius3D. You can review plan checks and complete approvals from any computer or tablet connected to your clinic’s local network (or VPN) on your normal web browser.

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