Dose Calculation

Dose calculations performed by Mobius3D are more accurate than basic MU software because it uses a modern 3D collapsed-cone convolution-superposition algorithm on the patient’s planning CT. Basic MU software assumes a patient is a water-equivalent box, and relies on less-robust Clarkson-based methods. Mobius3D automatically accounts for surface irregularity and internal heterogeneity. With Mobius3D, you will no longer need to make manual corrections to verify monitor units and dose.

Mobius3D Dose Calculation Benefits

  • TPS-quality algorithm improves the QA value
  • 3% accuracy for IMRT & VMAT
  • 3% accuracy for breast / chest wall / brain / etc
  • No manual corrections necessary
  • Commissioning verification for your TPS beam models
  • Ultra-fast speed using GPU parallel-processing technology

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