Treatment Plan Verfications

More comprehensive than basic MU software

Treatment plan verifications performed by Mobius3D are far more comprehensive than basic MU software. Below, examine the multiple checks Mobius3D automatically performs to help assure that your patient’s treatment plans are accurate, deliverable, and effectively meet objectives.

Point Dose and MU

Like conventional MU software, Mobius3D verifies your TPS calculation of monitor units at a reference point for each beam but by using patient’s CT and a modern dose algorithm, Mobius3D is inherently more accurate.

DVH Objectives & Graphs

Fully customizable to your needs, Mobius3D contains hundreds of built-in DVH objectives from RTOG protocols and AAPM TG-101. It automatically checks whether DVH objectives are met for critical structures using both the TPS and Mobius3D dose.

Target Coverage

Because a tumor’s volume is often too large to be well-represented by a single point, Mobius3D verifies proper calculation of both the mean dose and the 90% DVH dose within all target structures.

Target Contouring Errors

Mobius3D helps automatically detect subtle errors in planning such as stray voxel regions in target structures which could negatively impact an inversely-developed plan.

3D Gamma

By checking a 3D gamma passing rate, Mobius3D alerts you if there are any general inaccuracies in the TPS computed dose for your patient. You can analyze the 3D gamma distribution and compare dose profiles on individual CT slices in transverse, coronal, and sagittal planes.

Linac Deliverability

Before you treat, Mobius3D checks MLC motion capability, potential for gantry/patient collisions, and time needed to deliver all plan segments

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