3D Treatment Plan QA

Mobius3D is QA software that performs secondary checks of radiation treatment plans. It is the first commercial system to replace basic single-point MU checks with modern3D treatment plan verifications. Mobius3D uses an independent collapsed-cone algorithm for highly accurate dose calculations and an automated workflow to improve your clinical efficiency and maintain positive patient outcomes.

Mobius3D Benefits

  • Verifies dose throughout the patient treatment volume
  • 3% accuracy for IMRT & VMAT plans with complex anatomy
  • Patient heterogeneities are automatically handled
  • Verifies DVH objectives are met by your plans
  • RTOG and TG-101 DVH objectives are pre-loaded
  • Validates beam model commissioning in your TPS
  • Creates PDF reports for every patient’s plan
  • Billing code 77300 for secondary calculations
  • Every modern treatment planning system is compatible
  • Conventional linacs and TomoTherapy are compatible

New features included with the release of v1.5;

  • Treatment Summary - verify every fraction!
  • Mobius Verification Phantom (MVP) Support(See below)
  • SRS Cone support for Varian and Elekta
  • User defined DVH sets
  • Customize and override dose grid
  • Enhanced e-mail notifications
  • Customizable CT to density conversion table

Mobius Phantoms

In the past months Mobius have released 4 new phantoms.

  • MVP for MobiusFX
  • MC^2 for DoseLab
  • RLf for DoseLab
  • WL^3 for DoseLab

Treatment Plan Verification

See the multiple checks Mobius3D automatically performs in treatment plan verification.

Dose Calculation

Find out more about Mobius3D Dose Calculation


Workflow for Mobius3D is much more efficient than basic MU software.


Mobius3D performs all calculations and stores all results on a pre-configured server which is shipped to your clinic. Simple IT instructions are provided for installation. Your full set of analysis tools are accessible via browser from any computer or tablet on your hospital’s network (or VPN) with no set-up required. Mobius3D is compatible with all modern treatment planning systems and most linear accelerator models.


Treatment Machines/Linacs
  • Varian Clinac / Trilogy / TrueBeam and similar
  • Elekta Synergy / Synergy S and similar
  • Siemens Primus / Oncur and similar
  • TomoTherapy
Treatment Planning Systems
  • Philips Pinnacle
  • Varian Eclipse
  • Novalis iPlan
  • RaySearch RayStation
  • Elekta XiO
  • Elekta Monaco
  • Accuray TomoTherapy
  • …and any other TPS capable of DICOM-RT export
Treatment Modes
  • Photons
  • All Energies
  • Static Beams
  • IMRT
  • Arcs and VMAT
  • Flattening Filter Free (FFF)
  • Wedges (Physical, Dynamic, Universal)
  • Electrons*
  • *Single-point electron calculations are performed using the pencil beam redefinition algorithm (PBRA).
Multi-Leaf Collimators
  • Varian Millenium Series
  • Varian HD120
  • BrainLab m3
  • Elekta MLCi2
  • Elekta Agility
  • Elekta Beam Modulator
  • Siemens 160 MLC
  • Siemens Optifocus
  • …and more
  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 6+*
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari 3+
  • Android 2+
  • Apple iOS 4+
  • *IE 6,7,8 require the use of Google Chrome Frame plug-in


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