OSL Pioneer

Redefining radiotherapy

OSL Pioneer

Relocatable radiotherapy

OSL Pioneer

OSL Pioneer is a relocatable, stand-alone radiotherapy treatment suite designed to house an advanced treatment machine, treatment planning software, patient positioning accessories and quality assurance systems.

Pioneer delivers high quality advanced treatments for patients, with flexibility in its location, improving equitable access to radiotherapy. With rapid installation and commissioning times, Pioneer is fast and easy to install, delivering radiotherapy treatments less than two months after it’s positioned on site.

Pioneer radiotherapy treatment suite

Pioneer is a stand-alone suite that communicates with existing hospital systems such as PACS. The suite includes an area where therapists can plan cancer treatment and changing areas for patients. The Pioneer treatment suite is housed in a custom-built vehicle. At site, the sides of the suite move out, making the unit spacious and comfortable. The suite is installed on a pre-built concrete pad with access to utilities. An additional radiation shield is then constructed to meet local requirements. Finally an exterior façade can be assembled to create an attractive environment for patients.

Oncology Systems

Oncology Systems Limited partnered with a UK engineering company to develop this solution that meets UK and European transport law requirements and provides the most efficient solution for public and private sector hospitals. OSL’s clinical expertise also offers the option of a remote outlining, treatment planning and QA service, OSL Remote.

Improving outcomes

Pioneer offers:

  • flexible location to improve access for patients
  • patient choice and quality by offering the most advanced treatment technology
  • productivity with a high throughput of patients
  • expertise delivered through remote outlining, treatment planning and QA service, OSL Remote

Flexibility and access

Pioneer is used as:

  • a supporting treatment centre during renovation of existing departments
  • alongside construction of new departments to ensure continuity of service
  • additional facilities at centres unable to expand their existing departments
  • a satellite site to meet local demand for radiotherapy
  • a flexible shared solution across networks

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