Positioning & immobilisation

New Horizon Prone Breastboard


CIVCO's New Horizon Prone Breastboard assists in providing comfortable, reproducible patient positioning for prone breast radiotherapy treatments. The modular design and variety of accessories for the New Horizon allows you to customize your patient setups including overall height adjustments.


  • Height adjustable, indexable prone face cushion
  • Indexable hand placement options, including asymmetrical options for patient comfort
  • Treatment opening is past midline for medial field edge visualization
  • A variety of wedges are available for the contralateral breast to assist in proper patient positioning, options include a wedge with a cavity for excess tissue and a wedge with a scoop feature to slide excess tissue laterally, away from the treatment field
  • Bridge attachment option for inferior immobilization with the use of a Clam-Lok™ Cushion or for the Laser-Lok™ attachment to assist in verifying patient position relative to the device
  • Indexable
  • Lightweight
  • Laser locator can be placed inferior to show patient position relative to the device



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