Helical tomotherapy

Helical tomotherapy radiation treatments are intensity modulated rotational therapy treatments (IMRT) delivered with the CT gantry’s continuously rotating fan beam that is modulated by a high-speed pneumatic binary multileaf collimator about the patient while they move through the gantry bore allowing the delivery of thousands of dose painting beamlets.

The TomoTherapy® treatment system is the only helical slice-based radiotherapy treatment system in clinical use. TomoTherapy’s dose modulation capability is unrivalled and considered the “Gold Standard” in IMRT delivery and is especially useful in maintaining homogeneous dose distributions to the target while neighbouring normal tissue structures are being conformally avoided.

The CT-ring gantry platform also contains a “CTrue” detector enabling integrated daily MVCT imaging for precise targeting of the tumour volume and monitoring of avoidance areas.

A wide variety of cancers can be treated using helical tomotherapy having a range of coverage of 60cm x 160cm. This allows fields as small as 5mm x 6mm for Stereo-tactic applications all the way up to very large fields such as cranio-spinal fields, widely distant metastases to be treated in one setup and even Total Body and Total Marrow Irradiation.

Products for helical tomotherapy

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