Positioning & immobilisation

How indexing works

Every Indexed Patient Positioning System (IPPS) begins with an indexed couchtop or overlay. These tops are constructed of rigid carbon fibre and feature an array of indexing points running down the side of the couchtop, each spaced an identical 14cm apart. A Lok-Bar™ is also provided with every couchtop or overlay. Every Lok-Bar™ features two pins that interface with the two holes on CIVCO's line up of patient positioning and fixation devices. Lok-Bars™ remain with the couchtop.

To index a product, attach the Lok-Bar™ to any of the multiple indexing points running longitudinally along the edges of the couchtop or overlay. Then set the patient positioning device on the two-pins on the Lok-Bar. Indexing patient positioning notches for every treatment ensures that your device is in the same location and is "square" with the couchtop for every treatment. This definitive repositioning of the device relative to the treatment table allows clinicians to confidently tighten the tolerance window in the record-and-verfiy-system - an important enhancement.

Result: increased target accuracy with increased patient throughput.



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