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ImSimQA software

A library of virtual phantoms, for Image Fusion QA, IGRT QA, New 4d Module and Dform modules now available. Contact OSL to arrange a demo of the software.

Watch the ImSimQA presentations from ASTRO 2010

ImSimQA Virtual Phantoms for real QA (13:25 minutes)

Adrian Fleet, Clinical Specialist, Oncology Systems Limited

How ImSimQA is used for the practical implementation of new clinical protocols and techniques (17:45 minutes)

Nicky Whilde, PhD, Medical Physicist, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Implementing TG-132 with ImSimQA v4.0

Held on the 12th November, the webinar covered how ImSimQA can be used for deformable image registration QA. It introduced the new automatic workflow features to help streamline image fusion QA in line with the anticipated publication of AAPM’s TG-132 report on the Use of Image Registration and Data Fusion Algorithms and Techniques in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning.

To view a recording of the webinar please email imsimqa-enquiry@osl.uk.com

IBA Dosimetry webinars

Regular invitation only webinars.

COMPASS 3.0 webinar

These webinars are by invitation only. For more information contact the office on +44 (0)1743 462694

Mobius Medical Systems Webinars

Sign up for a live online demonstration for their QA software products.

Mobius Webinars


Frequent software web demos available.

RIT 113

Webinars that last 15-20 minute webinars usually take place the first Thursday of every month and cover topics discussed in RIT TIPs.

RIT 113 web demos

Radia software

RIT’s Radia Software for automated phantom analysis. A Catphan/OBI Module is now available.

Radia web demos


RIT software is the single vendor solution that performs or trends EVERY TEST recommended in TG142.

View a recording of the 20/03/2014 TG142 webinar

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