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VMAT Verification - Are we ever going to give it up? Is it time to let go?

20th April, Oxford

With increasing numbers of patients being treated by IMRT and VMAT, dose verification on the linac is becoming increasingly burdensome. A trend is developing of moving from plan QA to process QA. At this meeting we aim to consider whether we can afford to give up verification on the linac and how this might impact on patient safety, efficiency and cost. Methods for augmenting and improving machine QA for VMAT, streamlining patient QA, independent dose calculation software, transit dosimetry and off-line analysis of machine log files will be discussed. At the end attendees will have a clearer idea of the future of VMAT verification in their department.

How many of us are still performing per patient dose verification on the linac for VMAT plans, and to what extent? How long does this take and how much does it cost? Is it possible to reduce this or give it up entirely whilst still being sure that the patient is getting a safe and effective treatment? Find out how you can streamline or even drop the verification at your centre by coming to this meeting and participating in a debate.

Organised by IPEM's Radiotherapy Special Interest Group

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29th April - 3rd May, Turin, Italy

Oncology Systems Limited - booth 2100

ESTRO is an interdisciplinary society where radiation oncologists, medical physicists, biologists, brachytherapists and radiation therapists aspire to join forces with other organisations in the oncology field that share ESTRO’s vision of excellence in cancer treatment. At ESTRO 35, we draw attention to the multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinary components of our practice, with emphasis on the new opportunities that they represent for all professionals of oncology, not only in research but also in the daily care of patients.

OSL look forward to welcoming you to booth #2100. Featured products at ESTRO 35 include: OnQ rts®; automated workflow software for advanced multi-modality image fusion and auto contouring with deformable image registration and ImSimQA™; a unique tool for creating virtual phantoms for testing purposes as well as DIR QA in readiness for TG-132.

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