Exhibitions, meetings and symposia

Cambridge Course on Intensity Modulated and Imaging Guided Radiotherapy

17th - 19th November, The Møller Centre - Cambridge

This extremely popular residential course is aimed at clinical oncologists, physicists, dosimetrists and radiographers, to consolidate their understanding of radiotherapy treatment planning with special emphasis on contouring, image guided and intensity modulated radiotherapy: The course uses a mixture of lectures and hands-on computing practicals to teach these fundamentals.

ProSoma virtual simulation software, distributed within the UK and Ireland by OSL, will be used during the course.

Visit the RCR website for more information.

IMRT in Clinical Practice

5th - 7th February, Royal Marsden Hospital

OSL will be exhibiting IMRT QA products on the 5th February during this three day course on 'Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy in Clinical Practice'.

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