OSL Pioneer

Redefining radiotherapy

OSL Pioneer

How will you use OSL Pioneer?

Oncology Systems Limited’s Pioneer relocatable radiotherapy treatment suite meets a range of needs for today’s radiotherapy departments, from sateliite departments with services provided remotely by the main centre, to a low cost expansion of treatment capacity or to continue treatments during times of refurbishment or new build.

Relocatable radiotherapy solutions

Sharing expertise with a satellite

A main cancer centre purchases OSL Pioneer to maximise its expertise by offering radiotherapy services at a satellite centre in a location that meets patient demand without costly investment. Planning services are delivered remotely by the centre, with local clinical staff providing the treatment.

Patient volume during new build

A new radiotherapy department is under construction and the centre, keen not to lose its patient volume, leases Pioneer as a short to mid-term treatment suite during the build at a location convenient for its patients.

Procured at a regional level

Pioneer is procured at a supra-regional or national level to provide equitable access to the highest quality treatment technology. OSL Remote outlining, treatment planning and QA services are selected for their access to quality services with complete staffing flexibility.

Pooling expertise and budgets

A network of trusts purchase Pioneer to pool expertise and budgets, Pioneer is relocated as patient need arises within the local populations and staff share the responsibility for the delivery of remote services. Patients in under-served areas, can now access state-of-the-art care.

Budget and space are limited

Greater capacity is required at a centre where the budget or space required for a traditional bunker is not available. The smaller, lower cost Pioneer solution provides rapid expansion and delivery of treatments.

Retain specialist cancer services

A centre keen to retain specialist cancer services leases Pioneer for a fixed period of time and opts for the additional OSL Remote outlining, treatment planning and QA services to buy-in expertise and improve outcomes for patients.

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