Acculoc EPID

ACCULOC is a system that includes both hardware and ISOLOCsoftware to provide high-precision localization based on three tiny implanted gold markers or bony anatomy for an internal reference system.


ISOLOC® is the gold marker localisation software that is used at the treatment machine. Portal images showing gold marker positions, are instantly viewed, and within seconds, compares the positions of the verification portal image markers with the original planned positions as seen on the localisation CT images. Results of any mismatches translated into linac couch moves are immediately available to treatment staff and recorded.

ACCULOC Gold Markers

Gold markers in different sizes and shapes are available for:

  • Prostate
  • Breast
  • Brain

ACCULOC system

ACCULOC System Order no. Quantity
ACCULOC System EPID Based - Varian Kit includes:
ISOLOC Software (1),
Varian Central Axis Marker (1),
Soft Tissue Gold Marker Kit (1.2mm) preloaded and sterile 17G (3),
IGRT QA Tool (1)
MTNW425105 1
ACCULOC System EPID based - Siemens Kit includes:
ISOLOC Software (1),
Siemens Central Axis Marker (1),
Soft Tissue Gold Marker Kit (1.2mm) preloaded and sterile 17G (3),
IGRT QA Tool (1)
MTNW425106 1
ACCULOC System EPID based - Elekta Kit includes:
ISOLOC Software (1),
Soft Tissue Gold Marker Kit (1.2mm) preloaded and sterile 17G (3),
IGRT QA Tool (1)

MTNW425107 1


The ACCULOC® SIDEKICK software module remotely interfaces to your ACCULOC system from a network PC. This enables you to remotely enter patient demographics, CT marker locations and gantry angles. This feature provides convenient case access while avoiding workflow disruption. You also can review previous setups including portal images used, couch shifts and angular information, as well as graphically analyze patient data, including 3D offsets, couch shifts, angular shifts and intermarker distances. This tool allows the user to print results and select studies to review by date range.

Additional ACCULOC order numbers

Product Order No.
Additional license, ISOLOC Elekta MTNW425525
Additional license, ISOLOC Siemens MTNW425525S
Additional license, ISOLOC Varian
SIDEKICK Module MTNW425530
Varian Central Axis Marker MTNW425610
Elekta Central Axis Marker
Siemens Central Axis Marker MTNW425620
ISOLOC EPID Version or newer
annual software maintenance contract


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