QA BeamChecker Plus

The QA BeamChecker Plus can be integrated with RT Workspace software to automate the collection of electron cutout output factors.

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"I couldn't live without it any more. It could be one of the most valuable pieces of software we use. The beauty of this sytem is that it is a dedicated system. By design it does not verlap with your other treatment planning or record and verify systems, which is actually a big advantage."

Jonathan Stella, radiation oncologist

"I have really loved working with this incredibly user friendly software, and i honestly think it has improved the quality of care we are able to provide."

Candace Bletscher, medical physicist

"I like being able to follow step-by-step where the patient is in their treatment or the planning process. It just really helps."

Michelle Wolf, lead dosimetrist

RT Workspace

Clinically proven workflow tools = time and cost savings and better patient experiences through improved communication and faster planning

Developed in conjunction with a busy radiation oncology clinic, RT Workspace responds to the need for organization and improvement of the patient planning process. Workflow is improved and patient’s experience is enhanced through better communication, reduced waste and lower administrative costs.

From patient entry through plan approval to plan finalization RT Workspace guides the entire process in a way that Record and Verify Systems do not offer. With automatic notifications, each professional in the process knows when a task requires their attention increasing efficiency and productivity by reducing workflow interruptions. Gain confidence knowing that all steps are completed before a patient shows up for their first treatment.

Identify inefficiencies with workflow analysis tools

Because every step in the process is time stamped and recorded in the secure RT Workspace database workflow analysis is only a click away. Use the workflow analysis tools built into RT Workspace to determine where productivity and efficiency issues exist and see exactly where improvements to the process may have the most effect.

Physics tools at your fingertips

Increase efficiency by keeping important physics information in a single easily accessed location, the RT Workspace secure database.

  • Calibration information is tracked and automatic notifications alert you when equipment is due for re-calibration
  • Collect, store and analyze monthly linear accelerator QA with a TG-40 compliant module
  • Collect, analyze, store and create reports on patient specific IMRT QA according to your existing physics QA protocols

Features and benefits

Workflow tools

From any workstation access electronic whiteboards and instantly assess where a patient’s plan is in the process and who is assigned the next task(s).

  • When a process is finished the professional assigned the next task is notified immediately
  • The Dosimetry-Summary board provides an instant snapshot of where a patient is in the planning process
  • Specialized boards for LDR Brachytherapy and Radiosurgery provide better workflow control of your planning processes

In-depth physics tools

Collect, organize and analyze machine QA and patient specific QA information in one convenient, secure location.

  • TG-40 (TRS-398, TRS-277) compliant monthly linear accelerator QA
  • Patient specific IMRT QA
  • Interface with the QA BeamChecker™ Plus for automatic patient specific electron monitor unit (MU) calculations
  • Functional and mechanical tolerance checks on equipment
  • Store and analyze QA information in one location with reporting capability

Communications tools

RT Workspace allows you to instantly keep in touch with other RT Workspace users.

  • Place electronic ‘Sticky Notes’ on other user’s RT Workspace desktop for instant communication
  • View other user’s To Do List to keep processes moving forward, e.g. if you are covering for a colleague on vacation
  • RT Workspace email system is secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Integrated department calendars and scheduling calendars assist in planning and provide visibility to potential workflow issues

Workflow analysis

RT Workspace can be used in the implementation of lean management techniques to eliminate waste and increase efficiency by optimizing your workflow

  • Detailed information about the time it takes to complete each step in the patient planning process allows you to identify where improvements are needed the most.
  • RT Workspace can be used in the implementation of lean management techniques to eliminate waste and increase efficiency by optimizing your workflow

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