Positioning & immobilisation

Type-S Thermoplastics

CIVCO's Type-S head-only or head, neck and shoulder thermoplastics provide clinicians with a wide variety of choices to meet the exacting needs of todays advanced treatments.

Type-S thermoplastics feature the Safe-T pin docking system which provides an efficient method for docking and undocking the mask to the Type-S system. The Safe-T pins are easy to grasp and snap in and out, preventing the potential hazard of pins getting stuck.

IMRT reinforced thermoplastics feature a combination of perforated and solid thermoplastics to provide rigidity.

Type-S Disposable


Disposable frame Type-S thermoplastics feature the Safe-T Pin docking system for efficient docking to and undocking from the Type-S System.

Type-S Reloadable


Reloadable frame Type-S thermoplastics enable clinicians to choose the right mask for each patients specific treatment needs.

Tranquility Series


ClearVision, FreedomView and PureVision thermoplastic masks compatible with Type-S positioning.

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