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C-Qual™ breastboard

C-Qual with patient detail

The C-Qual is CIVCO's revolutionary breastboard, combining the latest in IGRT-enabling design with an enhanced emphasis on patient comfort. Designed with both the clinician and patient in mind, the C-Qual's advanced features bring new efficiencies to breast setup treatment.

The Sure-Set angulation support provides quick, secure elevation, whilst the C-Qual's ergonomic design delivers a new level of patient comfort. The low-attenuating properties of the C-Qual provide a homogenous radiotherapy treatment zone - ideal for the imaging demands of IGRT.

Features of C-Qual breastboard

  • "Sure-Set" elevation supports angles from 5 to 25o in nine steps
  • Low-attenuating IGRT treatment zone
  • Advanced arm supports, with no interference in the superclavicular region
  • Docking for head and neck Posicast thermoplastics (for COPD patients)
  • Indexable for efficient, accurate setup
  • Comes with a special wide headrest
  • Compatible with breast support thermoplastic

The C-Qual is compatible with PR2, PR33, PR3, PR4 and PR44 head and neck Posicast® thermoplastics.

Clinical concerns answered by C-Qual breastboard

Clinical concern: Breast, head and neck and lung treatments require multiple, unique positioning devices

C-Qual breastboard solution:

Using the C-Qual breastboard Sure-Set angulation (from 5 to 25), breast, head and neck and lung set-ups are achievable

Clinical concern: Positioning comfort during gantry pass through and interference in the superclavicular region

C-Qual breastboard solution:

Patient focused arm supports allow easy gantry pass through and lateral displacement prevents intrusion into the superclavicular region

Clinical concern: Artifacting and uneven attenuation in scanning and radiotherapy treatment fields

C-Qual breastboard solution:

The C-Qual breastboard's zero tolerance to artifacting materials in the scanning and treatment fields and homogenous construction make it your response to IGRT

Clinical concern: Patient movement during radiotherapy treatment and lumbar stress

C-Qual breastboard solution:

Enhanced bottom-stop reduces patient slide and the C-Qual breastboard's slope alleviates lumbar pressure

Clinical concern: Protracted and elaborate breastboard set-ups couple with limited reproducibility

C-Qual breastboard solution:

The C-Qual breastboard is indexable with a two-pin Lok-Bar for increased patient throughput with strong, consistent set-ups

C-Qual 15 Degree Angle
C-Qual 15 Degree Angle
C-Qual 20 Degree Angle
C-Qual 20 Degree Angle



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