The Iso-Align™ is a multi-purpose, precision alignment device which assists in the routine quality control of lasers, linear acceleration and simulators. The Iso-Align™ accomodates a convenient film pack for radiation and light field verification. The Iso-Point Rotational Runout Toll on the Iso-Align™ allows you to accurately and easily verify the mechanical isocentre of the gantry. The Iso-Point is attached to a side of the Iso-Align device, extends 26cm from the side panel and has a pointer with a 3mm diameter.

The Iso-Align accurately and easily assists in multiple precision alignment procedures without repositioning the device including:

  • Alignment of all lasers
  • Collimator and table/couch rotational angle readout accuracy
  • Light field alignment and jaw readout accuracy
  • Mechanical isocentre of collimators and treatments tables/couches
  • Optical distance indicator (ODI) accuracy at various distances
  • Port film grid alignment
  • Radiation and light field coincidence at various gantry angles
  • Radiaion isocentre of collimators, gantries and treatment tables/couches




TG66 CT Simulation Laser QA Device

This unique device is an accessory designed specifically to check the performance of electromechanical components, simple geometric and imaging properties of CT scanners in accordance with AAPM protocol TG66. Gantry and vertical side-wall lasers can also be checked. The device is two-pin indexable and requires a two-pin Lok-Bar.



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