RIT 113 Classic

Best Practice QA Solutions for All Rotational Therapies & IMRT

In the rapidly improving field of radiation therapy, medical physicists are called upon to master many different technologies, and provide precise QA analysis for images from many different sources. A mix of conventional therapy, advanced therapies, IMRT, IGRT, and RapidArc from digital and film images is becoming commonplace in cancer centers, and today's medical physicist needs a single QA package that can provide solutions for every imaging option and every challenge faced. RIT113 does it all for you.

What does RIT113 Classic have that no other QA product has?

RIT has 22 patents in routines for Rotational Therapy, IMRT, Tomotherapy and conventional therapies that have advanced the standard of QA in radiation therapy including:

  • Planned Based Calibration, MLC Step Wedge, Automated Sensitometry Correction, Calibrations Embedded In Images, and Image Alignment
  • It’s also the only product that analyzes images from all sources including EPID, 2-D arrays, Film, gel and CR
  • The only to offer Statistical Process Control to record and track your data in our RITtrend™ database
  • The most advanced Radiochromic Film Corrections
  • Only RIT can generate composite MLC, EPID, and Stereotactic images

Can it analyse EPID, CR and 2D Array images just like film images?


RIT113 does it all! Balance your need for speed, and responsibility for accuracy.

  • Siemens, Elekta and Varian EPIDs
  • PTW, IBA and MapCHECK 2-D arrays
  • Kodak CR
  • 3D Gels and Solids
  • RIT is the premier Film QA product using our Mathmagical™ EBT2 Film Correction for Radiochromic Film

What tests do you have for RapidArc, VMAT, Tomotherapy, IMRT and MLC?

RIT113 offers more than 39 different QA tests that can be used for Rotational Therapy, IMRT, and new suite of Tomotherapy tests.

Great news for Tomo users! RIT has a suite of 7 routines being designed in cooperation with TomoTherapy for Beam QA. V5.4 contains the first two. The remaining routines will be included in future releases. These routines can be used with flatbed or Vidar scanners.

RIT113 is also the leader in MLC analysis with routines for all of the Varian MLC tests, RapidArc MLC commissioning tests, Elekta Jaw positioning, Elekta picket fence, Memorial Sloan Kettering MLC tests, Bayouth test and our new Image Composite routine.

We use an OBI, EPID, and a CONE Beam CT for QC. Can RIT help me with those too?

Radia Therapy, RIT’s Automated QC Therapy Phantom Analysis software, uses many of the phantoms you already have, and has modules for compliance with TG142 recommendations.

  • Cone-beam CT analysis with the Catphan Siemens Oncology Phantoms, and Elekta XVI
  • kV imaging from the Disc Plus, IBA Primus L, or PTW Normi-4 phantoms, all of which are 30x30cm and follow the DIN 6868-4 and IEC 61223-3-1 standards. Analysis may also be performed on the Leeds TOR 18FG phantom
  • Electron Density/Tissue Characterization phantoms from CIRS 062, 062A, Gammex 467 phantoms, and Tomo Cheese
  • kV/MV image coincidence and positioning, kV and MV radiation/light field alignment, magnification, laser localization, CBCT alignment, table height accuracy from CIRS ISO Cube Phantom
  • MV imaging tests may be performed on the PTW EPID, Las Vegas, and QC-3 phantoms

RIT Packages

RIT113 is available in 3 convenient packages that range from basic to the most complete analysis in Medical Physics.


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