Ultimate Scanning Workflow Efficiency

The intuitive and advanced interface for Blue Phantom beam scanning, making your commissioning and periodic QA work seamless, fast and reliable.

Key Benefits


  • Considerably less time spent on setup and data acquisition
  • Automatic queue generation, workflow optimized control
  • Instant scanning with LDA, continuous or step-by-step
  • Extremely fast setup with an intuitive user interface. Fully customisable, optimized overview and efficiency with personal display settings

Most Accurate

  • ASO - Adaptive Scan Optimization
  • Variation of scan speeds and data resolution optimized for different profile regions
  • Automatic commissioning queue generation in one click for the all major RTPS
  • All major standard protocols supported for automatic and on-line data analysis

Most Reliable

  • Automatic warnings for wrong set-up parameters
  • Avoid errors with automatic indications for equipment changes
  • Global leader in supply, innovation and support of water phantoms

Connect your myQA Accept software to the myQA Platform, benchmark your data in the cloud and use scans as test results or individual reference.

Watch the Blue Phantom² & LDA-99 video


Contact OSL to arrange a WebEx or an on site demonstration of myQA.

MY qa tetris-August2 150PX

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